SXSW and The Art of Fashion


South by Southwest has taken place in Austin, TX annually since March 1987. It has become a prime destination for those seeking to further and express their artistic craft. Among their official conferences and festivals, SXSW also displays diverse exhibitions. Networking events are accessible through their many Meet Ups, Lounges and Parties. Awards are also given to recognize those “who are doing the most innovative, creative and inspirational work in their respective fields.”

SXSW hosts one of the largest music festivals in the world.

It encourages raw talent from up and coming artists worldwide. It presents filmmakers and actors of all levels during their screenings. Sixth street, located in the heart of Downtown Austin, becomes an unofficial runway during SXSW. Guests present themselves to the diverse crowd that fills the city’s entertainment district.

This year’s fashion consisted of retro vintage, crop tops galore and Adidas because they never go out of style. From the classic Superstar to the newer Raf Simmons and everything in between. Floral patterns everywhere. Two-piece outfits were the most common. Attendees feeling laid back brought out perfectly assembled sports wear. After all, there is TONS of walking involved. Fashion had no weather in some occasions.

The 90s kids recreated what we grew up with, modernizing familiar vintage styles. High-waisted skinny jeans with corresponding crop tops. Jean on jean was common. Styles were also heavily influenced by pop culture logos. Colored hair highlighted the crowd. Dad and straw hats were perfect protection from the Texas sun. Of course, no event goes on in Texas without some good ol’ cowboy boots.

Some embraced their culture through traditional wear. Visible tattoos were the norm. Daring costumes were an exhibit of their own. Walking through Downtown Austin, the diversity was fascinating. Needless to say, visitors during SXSW enjoyed and even embraced keeping Austin weird.


All photos by Highstar Films




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