The Best Logic Freestyles From Over The Years

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As we take the time to indulge on Logic’s new album Everybody, we thought we’d put a list together of Logic’s best freestyles over the years.

For those who don’t know, Logic has dropped some pretty impressive bars time and time again, but for some reason people can”t seem to understand how great the rapper from Maryland is. We’re here to change that and show you that the kid has barzzz and deserves a top spot in your “best rappers alive” list.

Here we have some of Logic’s best freestyles from over the years:

Logic freestyle – Westwood Crib Session

Apr 19, 2013

Here we see a young Sinatra spitting bars on Westwood TV over The Recipe instrumental. What’s great about Logic even early on in his career is that you can hear how refined his craft is. From speeding up his flow to slowing it down, Logic has mastered the art of rapping at a very young age. And when the beat drops, Logic goes acapella, something most rappers today can’t do. It’s very refreshing to hear.

XXL Freshman 2013 – Logic Freestyle

Apr 23, 2013

As we all know, the XXL Freshman list is where newcomers showcase their talents. Some rappers make nonbelievers into believers, but then other rappers don’t live past this moment. Logic made it very clear in his freestyle that he was here for the long haul, in spite of how talented the 2013 XXL class was with rappers like Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, Travis Scott and Joey Bada$$. Who would’ve known that the white kid from Maryland would make the list and have one of the best freestyles the list had ever seen?

Logic Freestyle on Showoff Radio with Statik Selektah

May 20, 2014

When most rappers visit radio stations they shy away from rapping a freestyle, or they pull out their phone to recite verses they’ve already written — where’s the art in that? When Logic spits a freestyle he never disappoints. It’s refreshing to hear someone never shy away from crafting words together to spit a freestyle, a talent that’s being lost over time. Here the Young Sinatra goes in for freestyle and then revises the same beat to take a shot at rappers who pull out their phones during freestyles. Ballsy move Young Sinatra.

Logic Kills the 5 Fingers of Death Freestyle on Sway in the Morning

May 21, 2014

While doing promo for his album Under Pressure, Logic stops by Sway In The Morning and kills the 5 Fingers of Death freestyle. Here DJ Rhetorik throws Logic 5 different classic hip-hop beats and all you have to do is watch Sway’s reaction — priceless. This is one of Logic’s most impressive freestyles in his young career.

Logic Interview & Freestyle w/ Peter Rosenberg on Real Late!

Oct 22, 2014

While doing promo for his album he stopped over at Hot 97 with Peter Rosenberg and drops another freestyle after his interview. Even if you hear recycled lines from different freestyles the kid doesn’t shy away from spitting when interviewers put him on the spot. That alone should give Logic mad props when it comes to artist freestyling.

Logic Freestyles Over Classic Hip Hop Beats!

Oct 23, 2014

Shortly before the release of his debut album with Def Jam, Under Pressure, Logic visits Big Boy’s Neighborhood and drops one of the coldest freestyles known to man over some classic hip-hop beats FOR 9 MINUTES! Aside from King Los and Papoose, no one else really knows to spit like this, especially for that long. It’s incredible to watch a true emcee formulate words together on spot while synchronizing to the beat. This is by far one of Logic’s best freestyles.

Logic “Lunch Table” Freestyle on the LIFTOFF

Nov 3, 2014

This freestyle takes you back to those middle school days when everybody would sit around the table and spit a quick 16 while someone makes some beats with a couple pencils. Even with a beat from a couple pencils, Logic delivers. Although it’s not as long as other freestyles, Young Sinatra does his thing.

Logic freestyle Capital – Westwood

Mar 28, 2015

Another Tim Westwood freestyle but here you can hear Logic’s progression as an emcee. Like fine wine, Young Sinatra only gets better with time. You also start to notice that Logic is a lot better when he’s given beats with a faster bmp (beats per minute). Once again, he solidifies his spot as a true emcee.

Fire in the booth

Apr 4, 2015

While out in the U.K., Logic does his first ‘Fire in The Booth’ freestyle with the infamous Charlie Sloth and Logic does what he does best —kills it. Even when Charlie Sloth throws words at him to mix in his rhyme, Logic delivers. Even if some of his bars are all over the place or sometimes they don’t make sense, you have to give Logic respect because he attempts what most people are afraid to do. The art of freestyling isn’t something that’s mastered over night, but Logic does one hell of a job each and every time he visits a radio station. Towards the end of the freestyle Charlie Sloth throws Logic a grime beat and it’s pretty impressive to see his versatility.

Logic – Breakfast Bars Freestyle

Nov 18, 2015

Shortly after the release of his second album, The Incredible True Story, logic stops over at The Cruz show and drops a freestyle. In the time frame from his first couple of freestyles, you can truly see Logic develop his craft even further. Even when the beat transitions into something different, Logic manages to continue formulating words together. At the end of the day Logic is just having fun doing what he loves to do, you have to respect that.

Logic Solves Rubiks Cube During Freestyle

Nov 19, 2015

Before we get into this freestyle, let’s just say in all the years hip-hop has been around, NO ONE has ever done something more impressive than Logic in this freestyle. Freestyling alone is something not many people can master, but freestyling and SOLVING A RUBIKS CUBE AT THE SAME TIME?! Most of us will go our whole lifetime without ever being able to solve a Rubiks cube and yet here Logic does it while freestyling. If that isn’t talent I don’t know what is. To top it all off, as he finishes solving the cube, he ends his rhyme with “I prevail,” what a perfect ending. By far his best freestyle and one of the most impressive multi-tasking talents we’ve ever seen.

The beautiful thing about Logic is how he’s maintained his humbleness over the years and still continues to develop his talent in all spectrums of music. We really got a chance to hear his growth musically in his last album The Incredible True Story where he redefined the conventional style of making a rap album, to basically structuring his body of work sort of like a movie score.

Everybody is just as amazing as we expected. From the album cover, subject matter, all the way down to the way the album is structured. We even get an easter egg towards the end of the album on Logic’s final project.

Listen to the full album below.

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