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life changing poems

This is not a biographical piece about a writer.  This is not an analytical breakdown of literary style.  This is me sharing some thoughts of two life changing poems by Charles Bukowski that have the potential to inspire, uplift and motivate: The Laughing Heart and Roll the Dice.  These two poems by Bukowski will get you in the mood to conquer any day, week, or obstacle

Personally, I utilize both poems on the regular.  In the past, I have shared both in spoken word jam sessions.  I did this to gauge the reaction of the audience, maybe I was the only who felt moved by the words. I wanted to know.  At the last jam session, let’s be generous and say that there were 15 people and a solid 2 asked me to repeat the artist’s name and poem after reciting.  As I obliged, I noticed a couple other audience members screwing up their faces as they committed one of the names to memory.

I won´t  let a couple of ol’ expats dictate the worthiness of these literary jewels for me, I believe the individual is completely capable of doing so themselves.  And, as a result, I want to share them with you through this article by providing a few of my thoughts using situations where these poems can prove their worth, and you can decide if you wish to read the poems in their entirety.  

Read Roll the Dice when you are feeling scared to start something new.  When you have a roller coaster of indecision going through your stomach. When you are attempting to win the attention of your heart throb. This poem is what will get you going.  That’s the best time to read the poem.  After reading it and letting it sink in you will want to let your peacock feathers fly and strut your stuff.  Even if it means getting brutally rejected by the most beautiful thing in your world.

For my artist friends who are feeling hungry, uninspired, and underrepresented.  so be it.  No problem.  Move on.  Get over it.  And, in doing so I suggest to you the poem The Laughing Heart.  You will read some powerful words there my friend, such as

“Your life is your life, don’t let it be beat into dank submission.” -The Laughing Heart.

And, Bukowski is absolutely right.  Don’t permit the critics and naysayers slay that remaining ounce of artistic light you possess.  According to Bukowski, that light will find a way out, and when it does it will be glorious.

Also, I suggest both poems to anyone who is wanting to advance their career, regardless of profession.  Tell or show your boss, whichever suits your characteristics, that you deserve a promotion.  In doing so you are expressing a drive to succeed.  Good comes from good because we reap what we sow, ask any farmer. If the boss doesn’t like your new mode of confidence and lets you go.  Well then, that job wasn’t right for you to begin with, and now you have this new energy built within that is wanting to be released.  Bukowski tells us,

“The gods will offer you chances. Know them. Take them.” -The Laughing Heart

In both of these life changing poems, The words written resonate throughout the mind as a result of their simplicity.  They remain present by their directness.  The words are moving, as they push and pull the reader over the edge.  There are no behind the scenes production values, such as metaphors, parables, allegories, nor similes.  There are no deep meanings that reside in between the lines that will leave a reader digging through the meanings of words or references. This literature is blunt.  In your face.  When you read it, you ought to feel moved.


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