Why The Media Is So Powerful


Media: The most powerful tool in the world.

It’s everywhere. When we turn on our radios, TVs, browse the internet, look at billboards, you name it. The job of the media is to sell an idea; an idea they want you to believe. The media uses all kinds of methods. From the music being all sad when showing a starving kid in a third world country, a dumb-catchy song for ICDC college, or the famous, “It’s so easy a caveman could do it,” for insurance companies. It’s all a set-up. Those acts make you feel a certain way and they compel you to act upon it.

These multi-million dollar corporations invest a lot into their own to retain at the top of the platform. But what do they use that platform for? The majority of the time, the media feeds us negativity. It focuses on the “bad” going on in the world as well as nonsense that’s not really news at all like, a celebrity losing an earring on the red carpet. Most of the views are skewed and can be very one-sided. The way the media approaches a topic can potentially make an innocent man look guilty. It can even control how certain races are perceived. Why is it that most minorities are labeled as thuggish, ghetto, and their “history of run-ins with the law” is always mentioned?

When it’s the majority, things are quite different. White people who commit crimes get labeled as “mentally ill,” or they keep their title of “former college athlete” when they’ve been convicted of a crime. Give them their title of murderers, rapists, etc. Most people don’t see what’s really happening or they simply don’t want to believe it. The media can be one-sided and extremely biased. That’s why it’s important to research.

Use your resources to find out what’s really going on in the world.

There are so many resources available at your disposal. Go online and search for text books and other reading materials to gain knowledge. Find positive news outlets to make you feel a bit better about the world. Check out Happynews.com or Goodnewsnetwork.org to see how they focus on positive news. You can read about various positive news stories as they focus on the greater good.

WStockSnap_XYNAJ859MKhen it comes to the more informative outlets,  check out The Economist, PBS, NPR News, and BBC. These outlets were reviewed as some of the best to receive unbiased information from. It’s important to have outlets like these that give us a different perspective when it comes to problems going on in the world. I’m not saying that CNN or ABC news is terrible and uninformed, there is important information you can obtain from them as well. The most important aspect is HOW is the information delivered. Question it. Does it seem biased? Does it seem make-believe? Did that really happen? Once you begin to question these things, it allows you to look deeper, become more informed, and gain control of your perception of the matter.

It’s challenging to find the truth now especially with social media being flooded with nonsense and a bunch of fake news stories, but we must find that truth we seek. The media is a platform that can be used for the better. It speaks to the masses. It can control populations, change perspectives, and sometimes make the unbelievable seem believable. That’s why it’s important to question, challenge, not only ourselves but our peers and what they’ve perceived from the media. We must really be informed to what is going on outside our front doors and other places in the world. Let’s open our eyes, open our minds, and do our research.

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