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Music Year In Review: Part Deux: The Second Part

Welcome back! If you missed it, I talked about 2015-2016, sports and music, and handed out awards for several different categories in Part I: The Opening Act. We ended with one of the sexiest voices of the last couple of [Read More]
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Music Year In Review: Handing Out Awards for 2016 Pt.1

Welcome to Part I: The Opening Act. This year was supposed to be a good year. Momentum was on our side. In 2015: Adele came back and graced us with some beautifully sad music The USWNT won gold at the [Read More]
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GUEST POST| When you know your job is making you miserable

Do you ever wonder whether your job is just…wrong? Not inherently wrong; just wrong for you. Maybe it would be the right job if you were younger…or older. Maybe you feel like it should be the right job, but it [Read More]
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How Moving to Australia Changed My Life

“Is everything okay?” she asked. Her question caught me off guard as moments before we had just been laughing hysterically about something. My smile was still on my face. It instantly faded and my eyebrows furrowed. As far as I [Read More]
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Guest Post | Choices and Perspective

I used to harbor a lot of pain in my heart because I felt like my innocence was stolen from me. I grew up watching my mother be humiliated and assaulted by my own father on multiple occasions. I grew [Read More]
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