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Guest Post | Let No One Dictate Your Life

Let me start by saying ‘Their No doesn’t mean anything to me.’  I know that’s an odd way to start but I’ll explain.  To me, all someone else’s ‘no’ says is that it is a no for that person only.  [Read More]
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Guest Post | The 5-Step Detailed Plan How to Live Happily

Almost all of world culture in its entirety is centered around the strive for happiness. Culture reflects our desires and longing – basically, that’s what it’s here for. As of now, we have suggested hundreds, if not thousands of ways [Read More]
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Guest Post| Yes, it's OK to be selfish

We live in a society that praises selflessness and giving. So much so, that when we picture someone who is selfish, we tend to reduce them to an image of greed, lack of gratitude and all out grinch.
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Tips on Learning to Shift your Focus | Guest Post

A few weeks ago I talked about shifting your focus. In that post I discussed ways to drop the luggage of life that holds you down. Today I wanted to talk about the importance of shifting your focus and a [Read More]
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Guest Post | Shifting Your Focus

We’ve all struggled in our own ways, had hardships to overcome. You’ve likely heard that everything happens for a reason. Think about how your past has influenced your present. You wouldn’t be who you are today without the struggles of [Read More]
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